Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just did a major home office reorganization today and I feel great!

For months, I was feeling claustrophobic with a huge Metroshelf unit towering over my desk area. Just by moving it to another, less prominent corner of the room, I created a ton more breathing space.

I got rid of papers and knick-knacks that were clogging my creative flow. Bye-bye! Fun stuff will be put out on the front stoop and scooped up in minutes.

I placed all the stationery and office supplies that I use on a regular basis within arm's reach, and put files and other stuff I use less often further away from me.

For less than $50, I got all the organizing equipment I needed at The Container Store. (They have a lot of sales now-a-days.)

A bonus of this whole process: Because more stuff is off the floor, it will be easier to clean in here. And.................I'm feeling more inspired already!!

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