Friday, July 10, 2009


For the 4th of July weekend, Mike and I took a long journey - subway to Grand Central Station and then Metro North train - to Beacon, New York. A long trip, and well worth it. We went up to be part of blogger Phyllis Bobb's fiesta. Since we got to Beacon on the early side, we walked from the train station to Main Street. After getting a burger made of grass-fed meat, we stumbled upon an adorable place - Zora Dora's - that sells micro batch ice cream, hand-crafted frozen desserts, paletas, and cakes.

The paletas were definitely the center stage item there. As Steve explains on his Facebook page:

These Mexican ice pops -- chock-full of chunks of fresh fruit and available in a hypnotizing array of colors and clear, not-too-sweet flavors -- conjure images of hot afternoons in the park, time spent on a bench under a shady tree, clear blue skies dotted with red, white and green balloons.

Personable, friendly Chef/Owner Steven Astorino was there to answer all our questions about the place. He explained that he operates the store in the spring and summer time and uses seasonal, fresh ingredients only.

One of my favorite things about the store was its clean, uncluttered look and also its popsicles paintings which were strung on diagonal lines and hung in the window. It's the kind of place I could hang out in for hours, just admiring in the aesthetics.

Zora Dora's is located at 201 Main Street in Beacon, NY
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