Friday, April 13, 2018


It was standing room-only at the Fifth Annual Women's History Month Celebration at Borough Hall.  The March 29 event, organized by The Office of The Brooklyn Borough President, honored women "[...] who are committed to public service and giving back to their communities."

The event featured guest speaker Warrant Officer One Mary Maysonnet, as well as Borough Hall staff members Lori H. Luis, Ama Dwimoh Esq., and Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin.

During the opening remarks, Mr. Ronald Law, Head of Government Relations for MetroPlus Health Plan, spoke about the power of a dream not deferred in reference to Bessie Coleman.  Ms. Coleman, he explained,  was the first woman of African-American descent and the first of Native American descent, to hold a pilot license.  The USPS dedicated a stamp to her memory, and when she died in a plane crash, 15,000 people attended her funeral.

Before announcing each award recipient, Borough President Eric L. Adams spoke about the universal oppression and exploitation of women throughout history, challenging the tenets of global sexism and male domination.

Here is a list of the honorees:

Jacqueline Dowd, School Safety Agent for Brooklyn Brooklyn North Command 84th Precinct

Lisa Molnar Juliano, Teacher for the New York City Department of Education

Martha Kamber, Chief executive officer and president of the YWCA Brooklyn 

Jacqueline Gist Tillman, Nurse for the New York City Department of Education

Caroline Gates Anderson, Founder, Bloom Again Brooklyn

Local 372 Volunteers, Brooklyn team organizers going door to door talking to members about union issues:
o   Robin Chisolm
o   Denise McClain
o   La’Nette Murphy
o   Melissa Serve
o   Imogene Thomas
o   Barbara Richardson 

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