Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I remember going to camp and to college and getting care packages from my mom. The packages were filled with little things that reminded me of all the things my mom remembered about me - candies, toys, themed socks, knick-knacks, special toiletries which reflected my loves in life. Plus there was always a specially picked-out greeting card.

Or my grandma would go on a trip and send me all the tiny-size toiletries supplied in her hotel room, including - yes! - the plastic shower cap in a box. My dream come true!

I recently shipped a small care package off to my brother's family. It included a birthday present and card for him plus a greeting card for his wife and for each of his three children. It was fun picking out a card which best expressed the sentiment I wanted to convey to each person. I decorated the package with some fun stickers to add to the festiveness.

With care packages, it's more the thought than the cost that counts. The contents don't have to be fancy, just stuff that you think will brighten someone's day. You would be surprised at all the fun stuff you can find in a large drug store, office supply store, or a local toy store.

Who do you think would love to get a care package right now? Whose life would you like to fill with delight and surprise for a special occasion, or just to express how much you like and appreciate that person or family? A relative, a friend, a colleague, a mentor?

PS - Make sure you package things in a environmentally-friendly way that they don't rock 'n' roll and break before the box lands in the other person's lap.
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