Sunday, January 25, 2009


What do you yearn for? What is brewing in you?

Structure your yearning as a question – e.g. “How can I create more space in my life for making and spending time with friends?”

A goal is a dream with a deadline – e.g. I will have a gallery showing of my paintings by June 1.

Put your goals in writing and/or in images.

Expect to get what you want.

Be specific in naming what you want – e.g. "I want to make friends with three new sets of couples that Mike and I can socialize with" (versus "I want to meet more people"). By being specific, it is easier to track your progress and to recognize when you’ve reached your goal.

How do you want to feel emotionally and physically when your goal comes to fruition?

What kind of choices do you need to make so that you can have what you want? What do you need to say no to? Yes to? Decide where you want to put your attention and energy and put it there.

To stay focused, name the year – e.g. The Year of Fun, The Year of Creativity, The Year of the Body, The Year of Making Friends.

What will help you sustain momentum in going after your dream, especially if/when you get discouraged, fearful, or distracted?

Ask for help from different people. Ask, ask, and ask some more.

Accept help that shows up. Allow others to share their energy with you.

Listen to your inner voice. Make time for silence.

Share your energy with others by helping them to achieve their dreams.

When you hit a spot where you stop going after what you want, ask yourself “What am I afraid to give up?” (Some possible answers: comfort, an old image of yourself, etc.)

Keep a Gratitude Journal. What you focus on expands.

Keep a Dream Binder. Document what you want in words and pictures.Design pages which assume that you’ve already reached your goals.Create pages which celebrate victories along the way. Fill it with all that inspires you.
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