Sunday, January 11, 2009


Adam Zeisel, grandson of design icon Eva Zeisel, sent me an amazing set of bronze candlestick holders which Eva designed. After receiving the set in the mail, I went out to the local five and dime store and got a bunch of rose and fuschia colored candlesticks which look great with the bronze. I love having a tangible reminder of Eva's creative spirit in my home.

Adam offers this set on at a nice discount only because there are tiny imperfections (e.g. mine came with a little scratch that I could barely see.)

AND he is offering Creative Times readers a further discount: pay $30 if you purchase an individual candlestick and $25/per if you purchase the three-pieced set.

When ordering, please make a note in the comment's field that youwish to receive the 'Creative Times' discount and Adam will apply it to your final invoice.

Here is the website description of this item:

Made using the ancient method of sand casting, these three beauties get their smooth bronze finish by heating them over raw coals and then dipping them in an aging solution. The process is repeated until the desired color is reached. All work is 100% hand-crafted until the final finish. This updated version does not have a felt bottom.
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