Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ricki McGlashan is an old family friend who lives in San Mateo, CA.

"Well, friends, I made it! We got Obama sworn in! The summary has to be that it was an experience of a lifetime--so packed with adventures and inspiration (and PEOPLE!) you wouldn't believe.

The short report is that there were three dominant elements to the whole cram-packed two days. First of all, starting from SFO, the excitement of the zillions of people embarked on a shared, positive, hopeful experience was overwhelming. It absolutely pervaded every minute of the time, even when we were stuck, stuck, stuck, in some long line. All positive and electric, no kidding.

Second was the momentousness of what we were witnessing. All the hoopla aside, we each deeply felt the import of this event, this new presidency and ALL its promise.

Third was the serendipitous nature of the experience. Never have I had to adapt to such rapidly and unpredictably changing circumstances. Our best laid plans . . . it was astonishing how opportunities and hurdles presented themselves in a flash. I was among those who got a ticket to the swearing in (18 hours before the event!) only to be stymied outside the entry point, forced to head out onto the Mall in search of SOME place to at least hear the proceedings. My college friend Miri and I made it in the nick of time to a Jumbotron.

There were many, many people who had this happen to them, and we all agreed we would do it all again it was so exciting and momentous to be there. I'm sure I've never been on the move, pushed by stress and happy anticipation as much. I bet if you checked my adrenaline level right now, it would read ZERO, all used up.

Now we just have dreams that our hopes and expectations will come through.
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