Tuesday, August 05, 2008


On Sunday, as I was walking home from Park Slope, something caught the corner of my eye. Out in front of a home on Carroll Street was a small bulletin board filled with more than a dozen fashion sketches that were obviously done by a young person.

Each sketch was accompanied by the name of the model. "Melanie," for example, was wearing a red halter and green shorts."Miley" was wearing a red cowel neck top, a skirt with rainbows and clouds on it, and blue Wellington rainboots.

The sketches were lined up side-by-side on the bulletin board and held down with push pins. Some of the push pins were shaped like ladybugs and dragonflies.

It was hard to believe that after putting so much work into creating these ladies, the artist would want to give the collection away. So I rang the doorbell of the house in front of which the bulletin board sat and asked if they were, in fact, giving this away or if they had put the sketches on display for the general public.

A mom-looking lady opened the door, and, upon hearing my inquiry, said "She (the artist) felt she was too old for them (the sketches)." "Oh!" I replied, kind of in disbelief. "Well, I think they are great and I'd love to take them!" She nodded her head and shut the door.

So now, sitting right above my desk, are the sixteen fashion sketches made by a young person who lives on Carroll Street. They remind me of similar sketches that I did in middle school.

This find is better than anything I could have hoped to purchase at any of the stoop sales I walked past. Every pic is made with love by a young fashionista.

I am a happy camper.

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Vivian Luu said...

That was a beautiful story! I also am making fashion sketches! Its my dream job to become a fashion designer, and today is my 14th birhtday. One of my friend gave me a 'fashion design sketch portfolio' and im using it now. i have drawn over 10 pages and i hope to make them later on. :)