Saturday, August 16, 2008


We've all heard "There's a book in everybody." I think that everybody is like a library of books - bulging with stories, experiences and unique perspectives - toppling off the shelf with vibrancy and inspiration. Some people are like dusty books hiding at the back of the shelf. Othere people are gorgeous novels, full of color. Other people are pure science fiction."

So begins the newest book of my friend and best-selling author/artist SARK. Her fifteenth book just hit the shelves this week, and I love the title: it's called Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper: Gifting the World With Your Words and Stories and Creating Time and Energy to Actually Do It! (Whew!)

I was delighted to find out that SARK included my blog in Chapter 8's Excellent Writing Resources Just For You. And also included me in her list of friends to thank. What a great feeling!

Chapters Include:

I. Being a Writer

II. Time and Energy to Write and Create

III. Games, Stories and Ways to Get Your Pen Moving Like Crazy

IV. Difficulties, Challenges, and Ways to Transform These

V. The Power of Stories

VI. Stories and Portraits of Other Inspiring Writers in Addition to You

VII. Publishing, Style, Process

VIII. Excellent Writing Resources Just for You

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