Thursday, January 19, 2012


Over at Newvine Growing's Blogversation 2012, Colleen Newvine has asked a group of folks how we get ideas for blog posts. Here's my response:

1. I see an interesting person on tv, in a magazine, or in the newspaper and I think “I gotta meet this person!” So I ring them up and talk to them or to their people and see what I can do. This is how I got to meet design legend Eva Zeisel. I saw her on a tv show, then I learned she lived not too far away, and I called her. It can be nerve-wracking and also take persistance, but I always go forward based on the thought “Wouldn’t it be great if my readers and I got to know this person a bit better?”

2. I skim lots of different publications – newspapers and magazines, mostly. I look at everything from Fast Company to Ebony to Travel & Leisure to Transworld Skateboarding to local newspapers from different New York neighborhoods. I keep my eyes peeled for interesting arts and cultural people, trends, venues, and launches.

3. When I walk down the street, in a shop, in a museum, I am looking at everyone and everything. What’s interesting? What’s new? What’s been there a while already but now needs some attention?

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