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The Irondale Center presents

The Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble & Anitya

in the world premiere of


@ Irondale

October 1 – 3, 2009

An event that brings together musicians, puppeteers, dancers, and actors in an audacious version of Shakespeare's Macbeth. Shakespeare would have been proud of this modern take of his classic”

-Daniel Brown, Radio France

What: Macbeth Variations II: a Shakespeare Soundpainting (Performed in French & English)

Who: Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble (NYC) & Anitya (Paris, France)

When: October 1, 2, 3 at 8pm

Where: Irondale Center, 85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, NYC. Directions:

Cost: $20-$40 (Sliding Scale) Tickets can be purchased online:

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, OCTOBER 1-3, 2009 - The Irondale Center, who are establishing themselves as one of Brooklyn’s leading performing arts laboratory and performance spaces, opens their 09/10 season with the critically acclaimed Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble and their international collaborators Anitya in the world premiere of Macbeth Variations II, a dynamic performance event combining physical theater, improvised music, dance and a live-composing sign language called Soundpainting.

Macbeth Variations II is a set of improvised inter-disciplinary compositions exploring Shakespeare's play Macbeth. Just as jazz musicians improvise on jazz standards finding infinite variety within classic tunes, improvisers use Shakespeare's text as the melody from which they depart. The result is a highly-charged interdisciplinary performance event that is different every night. The piece is the perfect compliment to the mission of Irondale who strive to provide an enviroment where performance boundaries can be pushed and work with a social conciousness can be produced. This is the Irondale Center’s second season in their new space, and they are thrilled to host companies such as Strike Anywhere & Anitya who represent a new wave of experimental work today.

“Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble merges music, theater, improvisation, and structured composition into a total multi-media experience – a ‘happening’ in which art leaps off the wall and into the seat next to us.” - Asbury Park Press

About Macbeth Variations II

Macbeth Variations II is the second stage of an international collaboration between NYC-based Strike Anywhere and Paris-based ANITYA. The performance features on-stage conductors who sculpt the improvisation through the complex language of Soundpainting. Soundpainting is the live composing sign language created by New York composer Walter Thompson for musicians, dancers, and actors. In May 2009, the Irondale Center hosted the pioneer of Soundpainting, Walter Thompson, in an incredible world premiere composition featuring acclaimed musician Anthony Braxton. Irondale is fast becoming the leading presenter of this type of performance work and both Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble and ANITYA are the foremost practitioners of Soundpainting in their respective countries.

About Irondale

The Irondale Center is the permanent home of the Irondale Ensemble, a 26 year old Theater Company comprised of professional theater artists who have a commitment to creating theater and education programs that explore emerging themes in our society. The Center is also a multi-discipline laboratory for the work of other artists and companies. Ensemble members manage, and curate the Center, nurturing and presenting work that contributes to the cultural, social and educational life of the community. For more information please visit:

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