Sunday, November 07, 2010


Colleen Newvine Tebeau, who writes the sharp and thoughtful personal/professional development blog Newvine Growing, is sponsoring a very cool contest.

Let her know who you are grateful for and why and she will consider you for some lovely prizes appropriate for the Thanksgiving season. Go to her contest by clicking HERE.

In Colleen's own words:

"In the first week of Month of Thanksgiving, I’ve expressed gratitude for things including democracy, traditional jazz and New York City.

I also gave thanks for my trainer, and there are plenty more people in my life who make me grateful.*

Who are you grateful for? And why?

Maybe you thought of your spouse, or your best friend, or the best boss you’ve ever had?

How about the mechanic who you trust totally to never rip you off? The author whose books bring you joy? Your favorite waiter at your favorite restaurant, the one who makes you feel like a VIP?

Tell me who you’re grateful for and I’ll help you say thank you to the people who make your life better.

Comment on this blog post telling me who you’re grateful for and why, and I’ll choose my favorite and send that person a thank you gift during Thanksgiving week — a flower arrangement or a Zingerman’s treat, your choice."
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