Sunday, November 08, 2009


It used to be that whenever I needed a mini getaway, I would take the F train from Brooklyn to the 2nd Avenue stop in Manhattan. There, you can find the Chinatown YMCA as well as Whole Foods. My getaway consists of swimming at the Y (which has a fantastic pool and a really nice Director) and then going to the top floor of Whole Foods. It's a giant, quiet, light-filled loft space where you can sit with a snack and read, write, or hang out with friends.

With wedding planning and a new job, I forgot about my mini-getaway spot. But I remembered it last night when my body telling me it needed some rejuvenation.

By the time I got inspired to go swim, my local Y in Brooklyn was closing in less than an hour. So I decided to take the train up to my Manhattan stomping ground. What a lovely bonus that the Chinatown Y now has extended hours on Saturday night; they are open until 8:45 pm! It was quiet; I had a whole lane to myself and there was barely anyone in the locker room.

After a great swim, I went around the corner to Whole Foods, brought some soup upstairs, and enjoyed reading a celebrity magazine that another Whole Foods patron begifted to me.

I came home feeling so energized. Even though it was late, I spent an hour cleaning up the apartment and getting things organized for the next few days.

Before going to sleep, I read a bit in the NY Times about the 40th birthday of Sesame Street.
Did you know that Michelle Obama was on the show and promoting healthy eating. Go, Michelle!
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