Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thursday, Nov.19th: Had pre-wedding jitters all day at work. Listened to fun stories of other peoples' weddings. Wonderful co-workers gave me good-bye/pre-wedding hugs and wished me well. On the way home, bought flowers and candles for the apartment. Made a mini wedding altar on our kitchen table. Put out pink monkey and Kermit the Frog stuffed animals and had them hold the ring boxes.

Friday, Nov.20th: Took day off of work to prepare mentally and physically. Got manicure and pedicure. Took short trip to SoHo. Got lots of nice phonecalls from family and friends. Walked around neighborhood with Mike and went to the dinner with him. Mopped the floor. Laid out wedding clothes.

Saturday, Nov. 21st - Wedding Day: Gorgeous, sunny and brisk weather! Took walk. Got phone call from great aunt in LA. Had turkey sandwich. Met friend Melissa at beauty salon. Got way way girlified. Got home. Freaked out a bit about girlification. (I usually wear no makeup and sport running shoes.)

Watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on video while Mike took a power nap.

Called parents while freaking out. (Little did I know, they were here in NY getting ready to go to the wedding!) Got picked up by car service. Picked up friends John and Colleen. Proceeded to Lower East Side. Got there way early. Walked around with J and C. Went back to wedding venue. Greeted friends. And...........suprise! Parents flew out from Cally to be with us!

Got hitched. First dance to Shining Star by The Manhattans. Walked over to Frankie's to have dinner with the group, a small group of guests. Lovely, heartfelt toasts!

Took cab home. Took hot bath. Opened presents with Mike. Talked about highlights of the day.

Only slept about five hours~

Sunday, Nov.22nd - Day After Wedding - Met parents and cousin at MOMA. They wouldn't take parents' luggage, so we ate at an old hotel in the area. Very fun! Dad showed us pics of wedding on his mini laptop.

Parents left for airport.

Mike and I walked around 5th Avenue, trying to figure out where to register. Saw holiday window displays. Ate giant pretzel. Watched other people eating giant pretzels. Took carriage ride in Central Park.

Took subway home. Looked at friend's slow-mo video of the wedding.

Happy to be with my best friend and be surrounded by so many supportive friends and family members.

Looking forward to the family party in San Diego in December.
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