Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Are you a Busy Brooklyn Mom?

Would you like to live life with less clutter and more room for the people and projects you love?

If so, then this service is for you!!!!

This is the perfect service for the woman who wants to.......................

* Sit down to a clear desk top

* Fnd any paper document in 30 seconds or less

* Clear out the clutter to start a new business or project

* Open a closet door to find the clothes you feel good in and love to wear

* Experience more serenity and focus in your daily live

To chat with Eleanor about your organizing goals, call: 917-499-7395

Julie Markes, PS 321 parent /chidlren's book author/photographer has this to say about Inspired Organizing:

Eleanor is a wonderful organizer and has inspired me. She helped me make order out of my very cluttered workspace and gave me great advice on how to move forward with my photography business. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by clutter and needs to clear the decks.
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