Thursday, June 11, 2009


One of my best friends from college, Allison Carey, worked tirelessly on her book, and in August it will be available to us through Temple University Press.

Temple University Press provides this blurb about Allison's book:

In On the Margins of Citizenship: Intellectual Disability and Civil Rights in 20th Century America, Allison Carey examines historical controversies over rights for people with intellectual disabilities, including for example debates over sterilization, institutionalization, the right to marry, medical discrimination, and the death penalty, and shows how ideas about rights for this population have transformed over time.

And here are some of the endorsements for Allison's work:

On the Margins of Citizenship is a remarkable book. It has a broad scope, impressively addressing the history of American twentieth century intellectual disability empirically at the individual, community, and policy level.” – Richard Scotch, Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, University of Texas at Dallas

On the Margins of Citizenship makes an important contribution to the sociology and American history of intellectual disability. It draws together and analyzes the development of legal rights that affect people with this disability. I am especially impressed with Carey’s theoretical grounding. It is clear, succinct, and convincing. This is an excellent work that will prove to be important to scholars and activists interested in intellectual disability.” – James Trent, Professor of Sociology at Gordon College.

To order the book: CLICK HERE

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