Monday, September 19, 2011


This just in from Rob York:

We’re looking for 1000 good people to join the Scenarios USA REAL DEAL Selection Committee. As you know, Scenarios USA hosts an annual writing contest as part of a standards-based curriculum for youth in grades 6-12. Currently, thousands of young people are writing about this year's topic: "What's the REAL DEAL about Gender, Power and Relationships?"

Two stories will be chosen to be made into films with the winning writers, working in partnership with Hollywood directors. The films will be made in the writers' hometowns, with professional film crews and the winners' teachers, family and peers helping out in front of and behind the camera.

We need volunteer readers across the country to join the REAL DEAL Selection Committee and help choose the winning submissions. This is your chance to participate in the process and to hear directly from young people about their world and how they see it.

Please note if you or one of your students is writing for the contest, you cannot participate in the Selection Committee.

Who: All adults and youth over age 12, can be a member of the Selection Committee.

When: Sign up right now. We stop recruiting on December 31st. You will receive an email by the first week of February with a link to your scripts and a rating form.

How: Please CLICK HERE to sign up.

What: The email will link you to a rating form with a maximum of 10 submissions to read and rate. Each script is approximately 7-10 pages long. It usually takes 90 minutes – 2 hours to read them. You will have ten days to complete the rating form.

"My experience as a Selection Committee member for your writing competition has changed my outlook toward my family, students and people in general. It was a pleasure getting teens' perspectives on their own life encounters."

-- Ashley Torok, Teacher

Rob York

Director, Media Production and Distribution
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