Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A note from Caitlin at Brooklyn Creative:

I wanted to introduce to you {BROOKLYN CREATIVE} a new series of artist workshops conducted right on the waterfront of historical Dumbo art district. In this present internet- age, knowledge is plentiful yet motivation and inspiration is harder to come by. Our workshops provide a practical know-how, with focused critiques harvesting the honest energy of a community workspace. We celebrate the idea that working together can make bigger things happen, and will push you to follow through with your goals. Everyone deserves the right to learn while having fun in the process, learn it fast, do it right get it done.

You can use this code BCX01CM to receive 10% off any workshop on our website or sign up with a friend and you BOTH GET 25%OFF! We also offer several free tutorials throughout the month.

BkC currently offers short term and long term phototgraphy based workshops to provide you with a backbone to confidently control your camera to produce interesting images in a New York time frame. Our staff of experienced educators, artists, and creative professionals set the stage for no-nonsense instruction for you to learn a new skill or progress in your practice and exhibit a final portfolio in our gallery. Set in a 8-week, 4-week, and 1 day format we offer the option for you to learn realistic street-smart skills intensively, or grow and discuss with a motivated group to present a final work.
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