Saturday, January 29, 2011


Whenever I feel the need for new energy, I open the windows in my apartment to get a cross-breeze going. Doesn't matter how cold it is outside; when I feel my energy lagging, it's time to throw opn the shutters and bring the winds of change in.

Other ways I create fresh energy and make room for the new:

(1) Buy flowers or a small potted something. Trader Joe's has potted daffodils for $2.50.
I am loving yellow and white together lately.
(2) Change the sheets.
(3) Move everything off my desk and give it a home. Take care of any unfinished business all the pieces of paper represent.
(4) De-clutter my shelves and move things around.
(5) Go for a walk. Look at everything like a detective or a scientist. Study people, dogs, and store windows.
(6) Watch Wendy Williams and catch up on gossip!
(7) Send out a birthday card.
(8) Do something nice and unexpected for someone - hold a door open for a mom with child, help someone across the street.
(9) Say "Thank you" to my husband for what may seem like the smallest thing.
(10) Take myself off of email lists so I can spend less and less time on the computer and free my mind and attention up for present time activities.

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