Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This list taken from Scott the Nametag Guy’s Ten Reasons You Aren’t Blogging (Yet)
Thanks, Scott! (Responses to the “reasons” are mine.)

You don’t know how.
Ask for help! I’m here, and so are other people who know how to do this.

You’re scared of technology.
So was I when I first started, but not anymore. I ask people to help me when I encounter something I don’t know how to do. It’s fun to learn!

You think you can’t write.
Do you send emails? Do you make grocery lists? Then, you can write!
Writing is putting your thinking down on paper. If you can think, you can write!

Also: some blogs are mostly made up of visuals. My friend Julie Fortenberry’s blog Children's Illustration is mostly just that - children’s picture book illustrations! Her blog is read by people all around the world. And……..some people are photobloggers like my friend Frank Jump at Fading Ad Blog.

You feel like you don’t have time.
You can make time. Once you get the hang of it, posting takes minutes. Some of my best ideas come in a flash and take moments to draft and post. Posts don’t have to be essays, just bits of information or stories or lists that are useful and inspiring to your readers.

You’re afraid to stick out your neck.
So was I when I started my blog.
I had the writer’s equivalent of stage fright and slept very little in the first week that I published my posts. Guess what? It went away and I’ve been reaping the rewards of being a blogger ever since.
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