Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'd Rather be in the Studio! The Artist's No Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion is a smart, well-researched, and well-lived
book of advice by Alyson B. Stanfield.

She calls the Table of Contents the Table of Excuses, writing a chapter to address each the main excuses artists use to avoid leaving the studio to get themselves and their work out into the world.

Some examples from the Table of Excuses:

Excuse: "My art speaks for itself."
Action: Differentiate Yourself: The Power of Your Artist Statement
Action: Fill the Rooms: Speak and Teach to Become an Expert

Excuse: "I don't want to bother people."
Action: Send a Killer Newsletter that Begs to be Read and Reread
Excuse: "I'm an introvert."
Action: Get Involved Rather than Waiting for Life to Happen

In the book, she flushes out and expands upon the actions, giving artists step-by-step tips to sticking their necks out and connecting with the world at large.

I signed up for Alyson's weekly email tips and find those quite useful as well!
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