Sunday, November 09, 2008


DO: Buy fresh flowers, a mood-brightener.
DON'T: Buy a Ferrari, a bank-buster.

DO: Buy tiny wind-up plastic toys for your desk or bath. Instant cheap fun, no batteries require!
DON'T: Buy a SUV, a pricey gas-guzzler.

DO: Buy a puppy. Something fun to focus on and an excuse to get outside and meet people!
DON'T: Bring it to pet day spas or boutiques. (Instead, go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua!)
DO: Make a gin-free Lime Rickey, fun 'n' fizzy.
DON'T: Drown your sorrows in liquor.

DO: Exercise to blow off steam.
DON'T: Sit on your bum all day watching Benny Hill re-runs. Okay, maybe some Benny Hill because it is so cornily ridiculous.

DO: Read biographies of inspiring people - e.g. leaders and innovators who have taken risks even in the face of adversity.
DON'T: Steep yourself in the constant flow of fear-drenched news. For that is the number one way to let The Man keep you down!

DO: Reach out to neighbors and friends.
DON'T: Camp out in your pad, peering cautiously out in the cracks between the blinds 'till things get better.

DO: Commit Random Acts of Kindness.
DON'T: Push people on the subway, yell at people from your car, or take your stress out on people in service professions.

DO: Be the village that raises a child - be kind to young people everywhere.
DON'T: Frighten young children with that "My IRA is down to $3.50" scowel.

DO: Watch squirrels from a park bench. They do the darndest things - like eat leftover pizza.
DON'T: Take your frustrations out on small animals a la Caddyshack.

DO: Call your great aunt Mildred.
DON'T: Buy the "Le Million" cell phone.

DO: Take books out of libraries and go to museums on free or pay-what-you-will nights.
DON'T: Stay home and watch Knight Rider re-runs.

DO: Celebrate what good things you have in your life - love, nature, a sense of humor, a roof over your head.
DON'T: Keep your head in the sand. You're gonna miss out on all the beauty in life.

DO: Continue to contribute to the causes you believe in - especially the arts! Every little bit of time and money helps.
DON'T: Grip your wallet so darn tight. What goes around comes around.
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