Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I did a double take when I walked by a new restaurant on 181st Street in Manhattan. That's where a health food store used to be. I popped my head in and found an aesthetically-pleasing space with art on the walls, magazines to read, and super-friendly folks working there. The new joint is appropriately called 181.

While inquiring about a sandwich on the menu called The International, a guy sitting at the counter said "It's sweet." He turned and looked at me and I said "Aren't you one of the owners of Zanny's?" Zanny's Cafe is a little cafe in Morningside Heights. "Yes, this is my new place," he replied. I reminded him that we had also met at my friend Meghan's going away party.

So now, James has his hands in both joints. I told him I thought that this was just the kind of place that 181st Street needed. He gave me a complimentary coffee and mini muffin before I went back out into the cold, crisp air.

Best wishes to you in your new venture, James!
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