Friday, November 14, 2008


Sometimes, a birthday calls for a big night out on the town. But not always.

Last night, I decided to spend my birthday in the coziness of my Carroll gardens nest. I took the day to relax at home and around the neighborhood so I could receive calls from family and friends. The most entertaining call came from my brother's family in San Diego. The four of them (baby Natalie is too young to sing) sang Happy Birthday and then 3.5-year-old Tyler sang I Had a Little Turtle.

As evening approached, and things became more windy and rainy by the minute, I realized that I didn't want to run around in the inclement weather. I called Mike at work and said "I would be so happy with a home-cooked meal."

When I got home, there were a dozen red roses in a vase on the kitchen table, a new white candle, and the card pictured to the left. Mike was cooking orange salmon and a delicious potatoe and green bean dish to go with it.

I savored every bite as we watched my favorite t.v. shows - Ugly Betty, Friends, 30 Rock, and Iconoclasts.

Then Mike turned off the lights and walked to me with a mini cheesecake with a candle in it as he sang Happy Birthday.

I went to bed a Happy Birthday Camper.
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