Sunday, April 27, 2008


After taking a late afternoon Spring nap, I woke up and knew I wanted to clean out my files. Sounds crazy, right? But it's usual that, after a brief slumber, my mind comes up with the right next step to take. So I went through each file and tossed out obsolete stuff. I moved archival stuff, documents I don't need to access much, up to a higher shelf, and kept more relevant and current files within easy reach.

Then I created new files for projects, like Brooklyn Blogade and Brooklyn Blogfest 2008 and Mike's Artwork.

In the process of going through old files, I found some great visuals from to put around my desk area, as well as images and articles to inspire new blog entries. Finally, I came across some articles that I want to mail off to friends.

It felt great to bring big bags of paper down to the recycling can. A great way to make room for new, exciting things to come into my life.

I went through the same process with my bookshelf. I took all the books that I don't look at much anymore and put them out on our front steps in an Up for Grabs Box. The books were gone in a blink. Knowing that the future holds more good books and magazines, I wanted to make room for those new treasures.

Let Go Of the Old, Make Room for the New.

One new treasure I brought in was a big clipping from a cherry blossom tree (see pic) which I bought from a mom 'n' pop grocer in our neighborhood. I can lay for a long time just looking at those blossoms, feeling happy that it's Spring and excited for whatever is coming around the bend.
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