Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Like me, you might be a fan of email as a way to stay connected to people.

But guess what? Nothing beats good old fashion snail mail notes hand-written on attractive stationery. People are likely to keep a thoughtful note penned on good-looking paper in front of them way longer than they would an email. I go to visit people who still have thank you notes I wrote to them eons ago.I know because I see the letters posted above their desks.

In this high-speed world, people appreciate and remember the personal touch.

December is a traditional time to send cards. Here's the thing: people are often inundated with cards during that season. Why not pick another season - like Spring! - to reach out to friends, family, clients, patients, and colleagues to let them know you are thinking of them.

Whether you are a parent, an artist, community activist, small business owner or entrepreneur -- this piece of advice is for YOU!

I decided to do a Spring mailing this year to connect with clients, colleagues, readers, friends, and family members. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and fresh starts. I just ordered some great-looking personalized notecards from my favorite online source - Fabulous Stationery. Most of the stuff I find online is too precious, pastel-y, and delicate looking. Their graphics are bold, eye-catching, and often inspired by the 60s. (See above picture.)

I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of new wildflower postage stamps and sitting down to write notes to all the great people in my life!
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