Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here’s two great things about living in The Big Apple: (1) New York is Book Country. More accurately, New York is Media Country. Through our phenomenal library system, bookstores, and plethora of news-stands, we have access to information and inspiration 24/7. (2) The mass transit system means you don’t have to have a car. These two things together (granted that I get a seat on the subway) mean I have at least an hour a day to bury my nose in the The New York Times, the arts section of The New York Sun, or some great book I found on the shelves of The Housing Works Book Café in SoHo.

I spend some of the best moments each day with books, newspapers, and magazines. They are my companions when I start the day at the bagel shop, when I ride the subway, and before I go to sleep at night. I feel blessed to have Good Book Karma. I create it by leaving books and magazines out on our front stoop when I am done reading them and by giving them as gifts at birthdays and holidays. I always find inspiring books in second hand book stores, on front stoops, and in laundry rooms.

Here are nine books that I have been loving lately:

The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to A Mindful Year, by Jennifer Louden
Slam!, by Walter Dean Myers
We B*Girlz, written by Nika Kramer & photographed by Martha Cooper
The Five Senses, by Herve Tullet
Ken Done: The Art of Design, by Powerhouse Museum
The Greatest! Of! Marlys!, written & illustrated by Lynda Barry
Friends, a picture book by Helme Heine
This is New York! By M. Sasek
Standing Tall: A Memoir of Tragedy and Triumph, by C.Vivian Stringer (Head Coach of the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights) with Laura Tucker
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