Sunday, March 20, 2011


I've always loved Bill Cunningham's spread in the Style section of the Sunday NY Times. It's called On the Street and it's where he captures men, women, and even the dogs of NYC who sport stand-out outfits or accessories. I didn't know a lot about Bill going into the movie, except that he stood around 5th and 57th and took a lot of his shots from there.

This movie is quite moving. Bill is a man of great modesty and extreme integrity. His eye for stand-out style is incredible.

ABOUT THE FILM (taken directly from the film's website)

“We all get dressed for Bill,” says Vogue editrix Anna Wintour.

The “Bill” in question is 80+ New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. For decades, this Schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirĂ©es for the Times Style section in his columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours.” Documenting uptown fixtures (Wintour, Tom Wolfe, Brooke Astor, David Rockefeller—who all appear in the film out of their love for Bill), downtown eccentrics and everyone in between, Cunningham’s enormous body of work is more reliable than any catwalk as an expression of time, place and individual flair. In turn, Bill Cunningham New York is a delicate, funny and often poignant portrait of a dedicated artist whose only wealth is his own humanity and unassuming grace.
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