Saturday, March 19, 2011


I was gonna scoot right back to Bklyn after a morning appointment in Stuytown on 18th and First. But the sun was so shiny and it drew me west on 13th Avenue. Good thing, too, because I ran into Momofuku Milk Bar. MMB is run by David Chang, a young and big time restaurant pioneer who shares the same alma matter as I. I had read countless articles and interviews with him as the focus. Really interesting guy, and I was curious to taste the Compost Cookie I kept reading about. So after wandering into Momofuku Ssam Bar and asking for the cookie, they directed me around the corner to the Milk Bar. That's where they sell his flavored milks, milkshakes, cookies, cake-based truffles, and cakes all made out of unusual flavor combos.

Stood in line looking at the offerings on the chalkboard menu. Tasted a sample of the Crack Pie soft serve. Decided Nah, I'll stick with the compost cookie. Too sweet for my taste but I loved the creative energy in this place. Noticed the collage of doggie photos above one of the eating counters and purchased a photo collage book of David's world called SCRAPS.

Please do check out this NY Times article to learn about the origins of the Milk Bar.

Psyched that I finally found this little gem, I kept heading west and ran into the giant Kiehl's Flagship Store on Third Ave. What actually drew me in was a sign outside for their Brooklyn Farmacy counter. Farmacy is a Brooklyn soda shop carved out of an old pharmacy in my neighborhood. So I was surprised to see a mini version of it inside of, all places, Kiehl's. But it did make sense, given the old fashioned theme of both places.

Oh, Kiehl's has a wall full of doggie photos too - hmmmmm, do I detect a theme in this neighborhood?

Then I went next door to Ricky's. Like many Ricky's now, there's a hair salon called Revolver tucked in the back. $55 for a hair blow-out (that's just a blow dry, no cut) - WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? This neighborhood is seriously pricey - that's the cost of a hair CUT in Brooklyn!!!!!

Anyway, I was happy with all the visual inspiration today. I am seriously motivated to go get a digital camera and a printer with a built-in scanner so I can start cranking out some creations of my own.

Photo Source: Momofuku Milkbar Website
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