Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I know that New York is known for its nightlife, but honestly, I've never been part of it - at least on week nights. This week, however, I've discovered how great it is to go out on a "school night." There is an intimacy about night that I love, a space carved outwhere people put aside the worries of the work day and focus on hanging out together or going to cultural events.

Tuesday, I went to Comedy Night at Housing Works Book cafe. On the plus side, some of the comedians me falling out of my seat. On the minus side, some of the material was downright racist.

Wednesday (tonight) I went to the premier of the VH1 documentary Soul Train: The Hippest Trip in America. I'll be reporting back on that in the next day or two. Fun standing inches away from The Sugar Hill Gang! It was followed by a panel of people who were part of Soul Train in some way. The event took place at The Paley Media Center, which is a hidden gem of Manhattan.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I'll be heading out to a party for volunteers of Housing Works. I can't wait to meet everybody!

Lesson learned this week: don't wait 'till the weekend to do something fun. Week night outings are energizing and keep the week going strong. Makes me feel like I'm living every day to the fullest.
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