Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I am on day seven of a thirty-day fitness challenge. The challenge is to exercise for 30 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days. I'll tell you why I am doing this: I always write goals for every area of my life before Jan.1 rolls around. The problem is, my energy gets diffused with multiple goals.
I kept reading about the idea of doing a 30-day challenge around a particular new habit or goal, and realized: Yes, this is what I need to do around exercise to stay focused and inspired. SO I started a new blog called Brooklyn Fitness Challenge.

Here is my BFC post from Day 7 of the challenge:


Tuesday, January 5, 2009

By the time I got to Stretch Class, the room was packed. So I backed out and created an alternative plan. First: free weights. Then: 30 minutes on the treadmill.

While on the treadmill, I got to watch Tavis Smiley interview acting star Morgan Freeman. Tavis asked Morgan what it was like to act for so many years and not "hit it" until he was 50. Morgan said it was fine, because he knew he was "all that" for all the years he was acting (since age 8) prior to turning 50. Yay for Morgan. Why do you have to wait for mass public approval before knowing in your mind that you are great?!!!

Also today: I met with the Fitness Director of the Y to discuss ideas for a monthly get together for Y members who want to support each other around their fitness goals. Can't wait for it to start!
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