Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I make this list every year and send it out to friends, family, clients and colleagues. Enjoy!

Anticipation of seeing both my and Mike’s side of the family in San Diego at a December party to celebrate our November marriage. I love that we will all be together under the same roof!

Watching Charlie Brown and Sean the Sheep DVDs. (And now I can’t get the Sean the Sheep theme song out of my head!)

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street.

Baking cookies to honor my Dad Len’s 70 years of life.

Interviewing inspiring people like Atiba Edwards, co-founder of the arts nonprofit F.O.K.U.S., for my blog.

Watching lots of good Dance Films and live dance shows including: The Wiz, Planet B-Boy, National Dance Institute’s Tribute to John Lennon, and Every Little Step (a documentary about the making of “A Chorus Line”).

Getting married to my best friend, Michael Sorgatz, in a small ceremony in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Check out our wedding website:

Heartfelt phone and written messages I received on my 40th birthday.

The perfect blend of good Information about personal and professional development in my friend Colleen’s new(ish) blog Newvine Growing – exploring evolution, revolution, and living intentionally. As I told her in an email “I like the way you are thoughtful with being fruity or crystal-waving.”

Jumping for joy when an all-female dance group, We Are Heroes, won the championship title in America’s Best Dance Crew.

Laughing as Mike and I watched chickens chase each other in and out of rows of Kale on an animal sanctuary/mini farm on Block Island.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year at Public School 124 in Chinatown. Just amazing to see young people participate in traditions that have lasted for thousands of years.

Going to MOMA for Friday night dates. Nothing beats Café 2 on the 2nd floor.

Visiting my nephew Niko’s Surfer Top 100 website to see what he’s been up to in the world of surfing. I am always cheering you on, Niko!

Remembering what a great and historic thing it is that Obama is our President.

Planning the Fourth Annual Brooklyn Blogfest with a dozen or so of some very creative, fun, collaborative Brooklyn bloggers. Check out

Getting to convene monthly with a group of women artists who enjoy each others’ company while pursuing our respective creative Quests.

Photo and email updates from my brother Adam and sister-in-law Raychel about their family adventures.

Surprise marriage proposal from Mike while we were visiting Block Island.

The great people I met while working at The Brooklyn Children’s Museum. What a smart, kind, and caring bunch of folks. And what an amazing place for parents and caregivers to bring their young ones.

The memory of my Uncle, Chris Linn. He was a wonderful writer and world traveler.

The satisfaction of placing bouquets of fresh flowers of the Vase that lives on our kitchen table. I am grateful for all the corner flower stands in New York! Recent discovery: Gerber daisies can last for two weeks!

Watching Mike Sorgatz build his community on, a place where he showcases the work and biographies of other Brooklyn artists.

EXtreme love and support from my mom, Libby, around planning wedding festivities.

Continuing to enjoy swims and steams at the awesome facilities of the Dodge and Chinatown YMCAs.

The idea of driving a Zambone at top speed across Wollman Rink with all my friends, family, and the whole slew of Muppet characters on board.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you a 2010 full of love, growth, adventure, and joy.


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