Friday, March 27, 2009


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - these are just a few of the online platforms you can use to attract new clients.

Although social networking may rule the day, flier distribution is still a great way to get in front of people. Which brings me to Martin the Flyer Man.

Ten years ago, when I started my business as a professional organizer, I tore a tab off a brightly colored flyer and called Martin the Flyer Man. My instructions from Martin: Create a catchy flyer advertising my services, make 200 copies, and drop them off at his mom's apartment

Shortly after the flyers were in Martin's hands, I started getting phone calls about my services.

And from those flyers, I attracted some of my most loyal clients.

Several years of using Martin's services went by before I met him in person, as he was working his flyer-posting magic on the streets of the Upper West Side, where I lived at the time.

The next time I saw Martin on the street, he had lost half his body weight. Motivated by wanting to be a good and healthy dad for his daughter, Martin got down to his current body weight through steady moderation of dietary habits. His discipline and perserverance blew me away.

A year or so ago, my boyfriend Mike came across a story written about Martin in the book City Lights: Stories About New York. He was also written up in The New York Times.

Today, when I dropped off a batch of flyers with Martin's mom, she handed me a copy of the newspaper that Martin was featured in last week - North Jersey's The Record.

So word about Martin is spreading almost faster than he's posting flyers. Almost.

Knowing what a good family guy Martin is, what an honest and upright businessman he is (some flyer distributors never actually post your stuff!), I'm delighted for him and his successes.

Keep on keepin' on, Martin!
To contact Martin: OR 201-941-9790.
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