Saturday, March 07, 2009


Yesterday evening, an amazing spring-like evening that swirled with post-rain breezes, I cleaned out my home office. Got rid of tons of books and tchotchkes, threw away papers, took holiday cards off the wall and replaced them with a few inspirational posters and magazine pages.

In the process, I found my long-lost Kermit the Frog doll that is part of a crew of Muppet Show dolls my mom gave me several years back. Poor Kermit was covered with dust and so happy to rejoin his Muppet crew.

Around 9 pm, I put all the stuff I didn't want anymore out on our front steps. The loot included these items:
  • A dysfunctional rainbow drawer storage cart
  • Fairy Barbie
  • Gauzy butterflies
  • Martha Stewart's first ever Garden Issue of Martha Stewart Living
  • Hello Kitty Lunar New Year banner I got in Chinatown
  • The Party Issue of Vanity Fair Magazine
  • A silver purse and tiara that went with my retired Halloween Disco Fairy outfit
  • A rainbow xylophone that I purchased at a stoop sale when we first moved to Brooklyn(see above pic.)
The next morning, everything was gone except for about 10 books and a few magazines.

Now I am breathing in the quiet clean and order of my home office and hoping that someone is overjoyed with their newly-found Fairy Barbie.
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