Friday, December 05, 2008


This morning, I jumped out of bed at the crack of dawn
to attend an event in Midtown called "Are You Ready?"

What a powerful way to start the day - walking into a room
of women who were there to make their career dreams a
reality, women full of hope and positivity instead of the gloom
and doom that saturates us these days.

The event was hosted by these ladies:
Judi Rosenthal, Senior Advisor with Ameriprise Financial;
Maggie Mistal, career coach and radio host; and Laura Allen,
Co-Founder of 15SecondPitch.

Each of the three women spoke about how she was had
personally achieved her own career dreams, and how she
had worked with her clients to do the same. Particularly
inspiring were their stories of how they had worked together
as a team to back each other in going after their goals.

The hosts passed out postcards to each participant, asking
us to write down our Big Dream.

After the panel was over, I had a blast walking around the
room and asking other people "So what is your Big Dream?"
So much more interesting than the drier-than-toast "So what do you do for a living?"

Through the power of story, these three ladies gave the rest
of us examples of how it is possible to have our big hopes
realized by being clear about what we want, by having a strategy
in place to get it, and by turning to each other for resource and support.
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