Thursday, December 04, 2008


Last weekend, I worked like a caffeinated monkey to put the finishing touches on my holiday cards.
I put them all in a STRAND bag and carried them over to the corner mailbox.

It was a great feeling to send the notes out into the world, continuing the tradition I started in 1999 of writing down highlights from the year and sending those to friends, family, and clients.

For folks who want to send holiday cards but feel overwhelmed by the task, the key is this: start early and use the "swiss cheese" approach. Start looking for stationary in November. (I choose something that is festive, but non-religious.) Address envelopes while you are watching tv or listening to music. Do all the other parts in 30-minute increments.

Or, as an alternative, consider sending cards after the New Year, when things are mellow and people can use a post-holiday madness pick-me-up. A Vlentine card always makes someone's day!
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