Sunday, December 14, 2008


A few years ago, I met centurian and 20th Century Design Great Eva Zeisel. I first saw her on tv, then read about her in the newspaper, then found out that she shared my birthday and also lived in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

After seeing Eva recently out on the sidewalk with a caretaker and a friend, I wrote to her grandson Adam and asked him about how his grandmother was doing.

He sent me this note:

Hi Eleanor,

Eva is feeling 102 years old. She had some pain issues right before her birthday because she fell trying to walk on her own. Things seem to be better because the pain has subsided and she was in good spirits last time we chatted. November/December is a great time of the year because I get lots of opportunities to come to NYC to visit her. is still holding strong even in these tough economic times. A true testiment to Eva's work and the legacy that she has built and allowed me to build from. DWR is have great numbers with the black coffee table and my sales are doing very well for the same table in other finishes, especially espresso. Anyways, EZO is great and I'm as happy as ever building and shaping the company. I recently picked up a wonderful PR consultant, Cristina Moniz, and she has done an amazing job getting me into the Boston Globe, Boston Home, NYC Resident, and a few others in such a short time. We have big plans for the new year; new product releases, new business partnerships, and much more.

Adam Zeisel
Eva Zeisel Originals LLC, President
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