Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I recently stopped by Serimony, a postage-stamp size of a store on Court Street which features clothing, jewelry, bags and custom stationery made by 35 or so local artists. Karen, the owner, picks artists whose stuff is not saturating the market. That way, you can figure that you won't see ten other people wearing the same thing you are!

Karen has an incredible eye for design. The stuff in the store is fun without being too cutesy. I've received so many compliments on the t-shirt I bought there. It features an orange-ish red graphic design landscape with forrest animals gathered around different kids of trees. I've worn this tee to the bone! Also, check out the great card shown above which I call "Leap for Treats."

If you want a fun and special gift for yourself or someone else, get thee to Serimony. It's located at 421 Court street between 2nd & 3rd Place in Carroll Gardens. Brooklyn store hours are Monday, Wednesday through Friday noon to eight, Saturday eleven to seven, Sunday noon to six or by appointment 718-797-0679.

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