Saturday, May 17, 2008


1. People think you are a gangster when you say you are from Brooklyn.

2. People see the streets as their living room. They bring chairs out onto the sidewalk and sit on stoops.

3. People tawk so good and have their hearts in the right place.

4. Great bargains.

5. The norm is not to be normal.

6. It has its own beating heart and can also piggyback onto Manhattan's.

7. Everybody is a minority in this borough.

8. We all love to eat.

9. The whole nation came through here.

10. We are so damn modest!

Barbara Ensor, (pictured cheek to cheek here with Hans Christian Andersen) recently collaborated with that legendary storyteller in a retelling of one of his well-loved tales. Thumbelina, Tiny Runaway Bride, is due in bookstores in mid June. Her previous book Cinderella (as if you didn't already know the story), was enthusiastically received by critics and children alike. Ensor, a former journalist, is also an artist and teacher. She lives in Park Slope with her children, Georgia and Dexter.

Photo Credit: Ariel Orr Jordan

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