Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If you've fallen off the wagon
can't get up from the couch
If living has lost its zing
and the simple thing comes hard
Remember the shift from one season to the next
the interlude when animals shed their coats
leaving tufts of fur
caught in the yet dry weeds
when the birds are spending their last reserves
flying to warmer climes
when the turtle and frog stir
in their muddy dens but wait
for the ice to ease

These cold winds bring advance news
here and there we hear the home birds
sing a different song
the light strikes with new vigor

Ease out of your rut: get to bed a little early
rise and greet the sun
or bike to a point and watch it set
get somewhere you haven't been:
a few blocks away
talk to a stranger about deep things
stop, breathe and listen
to the beat of your own heart

- Written by Myra Klockenbrink, reprinted from The Linewater Gazette
- Painting by Mike Sorgatz
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