Thursday, March 27, 2008


Yesterday, I was in Clinton Hill for a Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce after-hours networking event. Stepping out onto the street, I wanted to explore the neighborhood a bit. I saw a sign across the street that read Polish Bar of Brooklyn and I was intrigued: I imagined a tapas bar, but filled with bite-sized Polish delicacies. Crossing the street, I discovered that it was a nail salon.

It was a small, cheerful interior - maybe the size of a studio apartment - filled with the sounds of Latin music. In the corner, a mom holding her baby was getting a pedicure. In the bathroom was a painting of a lady dj spinning records. I loved this place right away, even though it didn't serve Polish food.

I decided to get a manicure and I picked out this silver glitter.

I love my silver fingernails.
In Polish: Ja miłość mój srebro paznokcie.
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