Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yay, yippee and yahoo! It's my birthday! Here's how the day has gone so far:

1. My sweetie, Mike, gave me a book I've been longing for: The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman and a beautiful butterfly card. Also, he gifted my fav new movie Ratatouille.
(We laughed our heads off watching some favorite parts in slow-mo.)
2. I went to an exercise class at BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange), a place that always inspires me.
3. Walked to Le Petit Cafe and had a big breakfast in a space that looks and feels like a European garden. Read a little bit from the classic Random Acts of Kindness.
4. Traded my winning ($14) Lucky Seven lottery card for 14 more cards and won $2.
5. Came home and set up the futon so I could lounge in the sun and read the stack of literature next to me. It includes the art section of The Sun, Vanity Fair, A Hedonist's Guide to New York, and, of course, The Principles of Uncertainty.
6. Got a phone call from my brother's family in Hawaii. Loved hearing my 2.5-year-old nephew say "Happy Birthday!" He sounds so pleased with himself.
7. Next up..........more lounging, maybe will watch Oprah, then meet my sweetie for dinner and
go to Joe's Pub to hear a panel discussion which features my heroine, Julie Taymor.
I feel grateful to have so many great people and experiences to celebrate!
Card designed by:Laura Merer for Renaissance Greeting Cards, Inc.
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