Tuesday, November 20, 2007


With winter coming on, Mike and I were eating more of the "ee"-sound foods, namely meats and sweets. The bellies reflected it. So I said "I know, let's make an exercise chart. That way we'll have a visual reminder of our goals for the next six weeks." (Six weeks down the road is when we'd be flying cross country for the winter holidays.) So I stuck some Snoopy sports figures on top of a piece of paper, divided the paper into the six weeks and divided it in half for me and Mike. The goal: to exercise at least 3 times a week until travel day. Every time you reach the 3-times target in a week, you get to draw a star. Guess what? The chart is working! Working as a motivational tool. Plus I get a nice healthy dose of popular culture from watching the telly whilst doing my thang on the treadmill. Sounds too simple to be true, but I guess the young one in me still loves stickers and stars.
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