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Hello, Creative Times Reader!

Do you know of an organization or business that could use a hand expanding, connecting to, and engaging with its community of patrons / customers / clients / readers?

Look no further!

A seasoned arts and culture writer, promoter, educator, and community-builder, I bring to the table a carefully-crafted network of nonprofit organizations, small business owners, civic leaders, artists and art organizations built over 20 years of living in New York City. As a Brooklyn-based blogger and one of the organizers of The Brooklyn Blogfest, I also have a deep knowledge of and connection to many arts and education organizations in the borough.

I am currently available to lend my areas of expertise to a Brooklyn-based project, business, or organization on a part-time basis. If you know of a potential partner within your professional or social network who would benefit from my services, I'd be grateful for an introduction.

Sample Work Projects
* Collaborated with team of 25 organizers to plan and oversee GO, a historic borough-wide open studio weekend designed to foster personal exchange between 1700 Brooklyn artists, their communities, and The Brooklyn Museum. Resulted in 147,000 studio visits in a single weekend.

* Conducted Twitter campaign and created mascot for 8th Annual Ladies of Hip Hop Festival to increase reach within New York and national dance communities

* Conceptualized and Co-produced The Brooklyn Blogfest, an annual event for 300 bloggers, journalists, and community leaders. Recruited and managed 30-person volunteer staff. Organized monthly, neighborhood-based gatherings of Brooklyn bloggers.

* Consult with Bank Street College of Education to use social and new media platforms to publicize alumni events; galvanize alumni activity on LinkedIn group and Twitter accounts; and strategize content areas and recruitment of writers for alumni blog.

* Consulted with Jim Henson Legacy to improve aesthetics, usability, and interactivity of their website.

* Founded and publish Creative Times, an eight-year-old blog which highlights New York's literary, performing, and visual artists, organizations, and venues. Use social networking platforms to successfully promote launches, premiers, and special events of New York’s performing, visual, and literary arts and culture scene.

* Co-founded and lead Creative Conversations, a women’s monthly goal-setting group for visual artists and writers who wish to stay on the edge of creative and professional growth.

* Managed PlayNet, a grant-funded project at The Brooklyn Children’s Museum designed to increase educators’, parents’, and caretakers’ understanding of play and capacity to facilitate play with children.

M.S., Education; Bank Street College of Education; NY; 1995
B.A., Women, Community and Social Change; Trinity College; CT; 1991

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