Tuesday, March 27, 2012


On Thursday, March 22, The Local Development Corporation of East New York held the 9th Annual Total Woman Business Conference.  This year, the focus was on the topic of social media.

One of the keynote speakers was Maria Morales-Prieto, President and CEO of The Hispanic Network.  A no-nonsense presenter who also showed a lot of humor and compassion, Ms. Morales-Prieto included these points in her talk:
  • Use half of your budget for public relations and marketing
  • Go to at least two networking functions a week (She runs a networking group on Long Island)
  • Logos should be both simple and original
  • Establish one Facebook account for your personal life and connections, and a separate one for your business venture and business connections.
Ms. Morales-Prieto's bulleted list of her own personal philosophy of life included these points:
  • Pity bullies
  • See your face in everyone's face
  • Vengeance isn't sweet; it's sour
  • Have compassion: when you see someone asking for money, it's because life has beaten the heck out of them
  • Let setbacks propel you to move forward
  • Criticism is born of jealousy
  • Be considerate
  • You can fill your jar with water, sand, pebbles and rocks.  Rocks represent the big important tasks that move you forward.  Begin by filling your jar with the rocks first!  In other words: prioritize!
  • You are the author of your life. Make it a comedy, not a tragedy!
Eleanor Traubman, the author of this post, is a seasoned educator, community-builder, and arts and culture writer. She is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of Creative Times (creativetimes.blogspot.com), a blog which celebrates the literary and performing arts and offers resources and inspiration to artists and other creatives. 

A Bank Street alumna, Eleanor has worked with young people and families in school, nonprofit, and museum settings.  She currently runs a neighborhood-based tutoring service to help K – 8th grade students become more confident readers and writers. She also assists adults with their writing projects.  Eleanor can be reached at etraubman(at)gmail(dot)com.  More information about her tutoring can be found HERE.

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Interestingly, Maria is the great granddaughter of Cuba’s second president. She had done her part in the society and she had done it great.