Sunday, August 22, 2010


James Joyce, the guy who cuts my hair, gave me a copy of On Makeup Magazine. One of his other clients, who attended The Makeup Show in NYC, gave him a bunch of extra copies. It's a trade rag, and the best part of it are the interviews with makeup artists who work on movie sets. In a recent issue, there was an interview with Valli O'Reilly and Patty York, the makeup artists for Alice in Wonderland (starring Johnny Depp.) Equally as fascinating was the chat with Robin Mathews, who was in charge of makeup on the set of The Runaways (the film about Joan Jett and Cherie Curie).

Crazy-but-true bit straight from the mouth of Robin:

"We found around 5,000 photos of The Runaways and the time period, and lined the makeup trailer walls with them, and categorized them into binders. [....] The Runaways were so iconic, it had to be done with precise detail. We even painted only one fingernail with polish on each of the girls, which was one of those little details we picked up on from the photos."

One thing this mag made me think about is how much artistry is involved in doing makeup for movies, and how little credit these folks get for the incredible work they do.
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