Saturday, July 03, 2010


Van Vader did a great job of DJing The Brooklyn Blogfest this year.

Turns out, he's a civic-minded guy, too. VV is getting ready to lead a group of young people to New Orleans for a community service project.

He recommends goint to events thrown by KeiStar Productions, saying "They do a Michael Jackson tribute, a MJ vs Prince party, and the most incredible party of all - a Stevie Wonder tribute. I promise you, mixed crowd, dancing all night, fantastic music (wish I had thought of these parties!)..."

Here is VV's bio, taken directly from his website.

As a High School senior, Van Vader began dabbling in the art of djing. On his brother King Khan's tables, his love for music and mixing grew as he quietly acquired the skills necessary to rock a party. As a freshmen at Wesleyan University, "DJ Vader" (as he called himself) and his partner Cazual Phil landed a radio show on 88.1 FM, WESU Middletown. For four years, the pair was known for "randomidity" - a phrase they coined to describe a show where "you never knew what to expect." The show was extremely successful, broadcasting all over Connecticut, and Vader's style of catching listeners unawares was born. DJ Vader's first opportunity to hold down a party presented itself during his freshman year.

While attending a Trinity College Halloween party his brother was spinning, Vader was given his first light. A fifteen-minute spot proved to be all that was necessary to get the party jumping. The crowd response was unbelievable, and the prodigy was hooked on his new art form.
In the years following, Vader purchased his own equipment and began spinning on campuses all over New England. During school vacations, the DJ would find himself booked for clubs in the city, such as Demerara's and Kingdom Hall.

As his repertoire expanded and his skills grew, so did his following and his name. Now "Van Vader" (thanks, Ash-Man), he was ready to take on the world from behind his tables. Upon graduation, however, the demands of a full-time job did not leave much room for music, and the young DJ sought refuge spinning select major events. After doing the Christmas party of for Scharmann's lounge, Van Vader was asked to spin regularly in the popular spot's Soho locale. This was a huge success and regulars would gather weekly to listen to live music while enjoying a drink or dinner. The lounge feel was perfect for the Soho clientele and Van Vader's fanbase grew tremendously. On a nightly basis, the DJ would receive words of thanks, praise, and curiosity: "Why don't you come out to London?" "I have never heard a DJ in Miami play like you - when are you coming down?" People from Germany, Spain, Atlanta, California, indeed all over the world requested an appearance.

Previously isolated to the New York/New England areas, the global demand for a DJ of his talent was overwhelming. Thus, Van Vader was reborn. Now, Van Vader's dreams and the requests of his faithful supporters will reached. When asked how he rated himself in comparison to other DJ's, the young man replied, "All I know is that I have been blessed with a gift - for reaching people. If it's now through music, then so be it. People feel my music, and I feel the responsibility to never let them down." Prepare to be reached . . ...

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