Saturday, July 17, 2010


Had the best time EVER at Museum of Modern Art.

First, stopped by across the street from the MOMA where Donnell Library used to be. My friend Lisa Ingram was hanging her giant 3-panel painting in the window. (Photos to come....stay tuned.)

Next, had lunch at Cafe 2 at MOMA where I chatted with friend and Exec. Chef Lynn Bound. Also read a terrific NY Times article called Tweet Less, Kiss More. So far, this article has received 237 comments from readers!

Lynn introduced me to Carlos M. Silva (see photo above) - b-boy, artist, photographer and DJ.Carlos - a/k/a Bboy EcuAsian (he's part Chinese, part Ecuadorian) - got a few friends together to teach b-boying to children for free of charge. He also has his own Crew, Brooklyn Zoo. I'll be doing a more in-depth interview with Carlos down the road. He also gave me the okay to come watch one of his rehearsals.

After chatting with Carlos, I stayed on at the cafe to talk to a retired couple -both of them painters and one of them a native Brooklynite - about museums, how they met (they've been married for 62 years), and a whole lot more.

Finally, walked out to MOMA's sculpture garden to check out people's wishes that they had written out on cards and tied to The Wishing Tree. There were lots of great wishes for world peace but my favorite wishes were "To host SNL 16 times" and "An endless Slurpee drink."

MOMA was pure magic today.
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