Friday, June 25, 2010


Photo Credit: Alex Hoerner/Icon International

Byline: "Drake is an unlikely rap star, a former child actor from Canada who balances arrogance and vulnerability."

My take: I liked this line best: "Biracial Jewish-Canadian former child actors don't have a track record of success in the American rap industry." Which is what makes Drake's sucess all the more interesting and cheer-worthy.

Byline: "[How] Musical theater is enjoying enormous popularity among young people, attracting a dedicated group of true believers: Broadway babies."

My take: It makes sense that musical theater is gaining popularity among young people. It is a source of hope and lends itself to a feeling of togetherness and community, something we ALL need right now.

Byline: "Yes, People Still Read, but Now It's Social."

My Take: It would be interesting to start an online discussion about Stephen Johnson's conclusion that "[...] the speed with which we can follow the trail of an idea , or discover new perspectives on a problem, has increased by several orders of magnitude. We are marginally less focused, and exponentially more connected. That's a bargain all of us should be happy to make."
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