Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Last weekend, Mike and I took our bikes on the ferry and traveled over to Governor's Island.

Our friend Cecilia Andre's artwork was being in FIGMENT and we wanted to support her.

What a magical trip! After biking around the island through thick humidity, we reached the mini golf section Cecilia had mentioned on the phone. It wasn't ordinary mini golf - each mini golf structure was designed with a theme. My favorite incorporated what looked like a paper mache pineapple.

As we ate lunch on the grass, we saw wild things like a Disco Golf Cart and bicyclists disguised as pirates on pirate ships yelling as they rode wildly onto the lawn.

The FIGMENT installations and performing artists stretched on for what seemed like miles.

After a while, I said "This reminds me of a more family-oriented version of Burning Man." When I did a little digging, I found out that David Koren, Figment's founder, has been very involved in Burning Man.

For more info about FIGMENT, go to their website.

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